Surely it wasn’t me who came up with a title like ‘hello world!’?

Surely it wasn’t me who came up with a title like ‘hello world!’?
I decided to stop updating my FB statuses and Tweeting and messing about and, instead, trying a blog. This is an experiment and I think it could easily fail for the following reasons (among others):
1. I think bloggers, like lovers, ought to be dependable. I’m too erratic in my habits.
2. I always think blogging has that element of waving the potty aloft and shouting ‘look, Momma, what I just did!’ Is this unfair? Is a novel, after all, or a poem, also a form of potty?
3. I feel strangely narcissistic starting any kind of conversation with no interlocutor. Because a blog is not a novel or a poem, but a onesided conversation: tennis with the net down, a one-sided, umpire-free football game.
4. No-one cares what I have to say in real life, so why in virtual?
Canadian Jellyfish
Jellyfish in Canada

5. That’s enough negatives for now. I’ll blog off.